If you want to travel to Ameland, you have to make a travel schedule to Leeuwarden, a northern city of the Netherlands. The best way to get there is by train. To find out the travel
schedule, visit the website, (website of the Dutch Railways). There is a trip planner on the website that you can use.

When you are at the station in Leeuwarden, you can travel by bus to the town of Holwerd, there is ferry service to Ameland.

When you walk out of the station building, you will immediately see the bus stops. If you arrive on Friday you will probably already see many beach rugby-ers taking the bus, as it is the only way to get to the ferry by public transport. The distance between Leeuwarden and Holwerd is approximately 25 KM.

Costs & booking transport

Costs & booking transport

The ferry crossing to the island takes approximately 45 minutes. If you take the ferry without a car, you do not need to make a reservation and you can buy the tickets at the box office. You can also order a digital ticket online, which saves waiting time at the cash register. If you want to bring a car or other vehicle to the island, a reservation is necessary. Book on time, because during the festival weekend the ferry service is overcrowded!

Book online via the website You will also find information about costs on the website.

Transport on the island

There are several options for getting around on the island:

  • Popular among our guests is renting a bicycle, then you are free as a bird! Everything is within cycling reach. There are many dedicated bike paths. When you arrive on the island, you can rent a bicycle directly at the ferry dam. You can also rent a bicycle at the campsite or hotel where you are staying. You will also find various bicycle rental companies on the website of
  • There is public transport on the island.
  • There is an excellent taxi service on the island all weekend long; Cosi taxi is the official partner of the festival. The telephone number is +31 (0)519-543200, or book via